Congratulations to Monika Sanchez our essay contest WINNER!!!
She will receive a $300 summer scholarship for our summer camp- sponsored by the Hollister Rotary Club.
Nickolas Anastasi is our runner up and will receive free tickets to our summer show!
The essays were amazing, and we were so happy to read how theater has helped kids with confidence, school, and LIFE.

The topic was:


by Monika Sanchez

Theater has helped my life by making me more confident and happy. Theater applies to things I do everyday like schoolwork, reading or just interacting with friends. Theater has given me a sense of accomplishment. Theater teaches me how to memorize lines, act and role-play. Theater enables me to become another person or character. Theater teaches me how to be responsible. It shows me the importance of attending practice. It shows me how to be committed to an activity and follow-thru on my commitments. Theater helps me be responsible and finish the things I set out to do. Theater has helped me to over come fears. I have overcome fears such as stage fright, speaking and performing in front of many people. Theater has shown me how to overcome butterflies and anxiety and face my fears. Theater has taught me many skills I will use later in life. It has shown me how to manage my time. Theater has taught me how to follow directions and how to cooperate with other people and groups. Theater gives me joy simply because I can spend time with old friends and make new ones. I enjoy role-playing and pretending to be some one else and know my friends are playing along making everything come together. Overall theater is awesome! It has helped me in my life, to become a better person. Theater has helped make my life better and all the while I am having fun doing it!